Ground based circus performers

Ground based circus performances for all tastes

A variety of ground based performances

With more than 1000 handpicked artists, the Reibaud company is able to offer a wide selection of circus entertainment. The performances by artists on the ground are the most numerous and offer the viewer moments that are fascinating, funny or moving. You will experience unforgettable moments thanks to the crazy antics of our clowns, and will be spellbound by the incredible illusions of our magicians.

Astonishing ground based acts

Our artists are first and foremost highly trained professionals, endowed with extraordinary physical qualities. You will be astounded at the spectacle offered by our acrobats and tightrope walkers. Choose from among the many extraordinary acts including, juggling, contortionist, and antipodists. There is something for everyone's taste! Visit our website to discover all our wide-ranging offers available to you.

Acrobats and tightrope walkers

thumb acrobate-1A variety of solo or duo acrobatic performances: back flips, wheel rolls, somersaults, strong man, balancing...

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thumb jongleur 1Jugglers can manipulate many objects with extreme agility and rapidity. Some have even entered the Guiness Book of world records...

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clownFor an unforgettable hilarious time: clowns, actors, acrobats, musicians, and humorists...

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Duo acrobatics

main à mainPerformances of surprising beauty: duo acrobatics, aerial acts, living statues performing in a giant snowball...

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thumb contorsion-1The amazing performances of contortionists have many styles: elegant, athletic, mysterious, sensual or humorous...

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monocycleAcrobats and jugglers ride giant and tiny unicycles, performing stunts that are audacious and courageous...

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