Have you ever laughed at those hysterical comical characters, acrobats, musicians and !
These hopeless comical practical jokers, dressed up in the most ludicrous and grotesque way, inspired by mimes, jugglers of the middle ages, the famous Italian Commedia dell'arte ...

First among them, the renowned 18th century English comedian Joey Grimaldi with his famous red and white costume. then there is Jacques Le Coq with his big red nose. Not to mention the irresistible Fratellini, Footit and chocolate, Dario, rum, Porto, Alex, Patel...

The buffoonery of our professional clowns will make you spend a moment of hilarity and unforgettable fun!.


Services information

Number of artists : Solo, duo or trio
Duration :
Between 30 to 60 minutes stage show
Requirements :

Performance area (4 m x 4 m), Sound, lighting and dressing room