Choral music

classique choeur

The choir is a body of singers that dates back to antiquity: in Greek tragedies, the choir played a collective voice in the drama.

This shows the important role of choral groups played in classical and sacred works, that could be both, religious and profane...

The Gospel is a striking illustration of the synthesis between church music and African-American music

They will make your event one that is profound or celebratory, communal or enthusiastic


Services Information

Show : Indoors or outdoors
Performances :

Starting from 20 choristers divided into 4 sections (soprano, alto, tenor and bass)

Repertoire :

Oratorio, variety, gospel...

Duration :

60 minutes in 1 or 2 parties

Sound : Acoustic
Wardrobe :

Tuxedo or evening dresses or, several choices possible