Concert pianists

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Our concert pianists play on a beautiful Steinway... Grand!

They interpret particularly known classical works, but can also take requests. You can choose from a selection of French variety, Anglo-Saxon, jazz..., or played in the "piano bar" tradition

The piano-bar itself is also a "classic"! Originally, places of conviviality or "bars" appeared in 17th century Italy and France. Later on, it became more a place to enjoy music, and so the 'piano bar' was born. Both elegant and popular, where a single piano entertains the entire room

Whether a classical or popular standards, our pianists will undoubtedly enchant your evening with music!


Services Information

Show : Piano concert
Repertoire :

Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin...) or more popular selections of French songs, films and musicals

Duration :

90 minutes divided in several set performances

Sound system : To be discussed based on space requirements
Wardrobe :

Several possible choices