classique harpiste

The so-called "classic" harp dates back to the dawn of time and is universal: it is already found in ancient societies in various forms.

The Celtic harp appears in the 8th century to accompany the songs of bards, troubadours and trouvères; It spread throughout Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, influenced by Celtic culture. Thanks to famous harpist Alan Stivel, the celtic harp has enjoyed a revival ...

Whether you choose a classic or Celtic harp, you will be delighted by the sounds of this instrument, which will make you travel through time and space, in a refined and intimate atmosphere. Ideal for private concerts and guests receptions.


Services Information

Show : In concert or for guests receptions
Repertoire :

Oratorio, varieties, gospel...

Duration :

60 minutes to be divided in 1, 2 or 3 set performances

Sound system : Acoustic
Wardrobe :

Variety of choices