Opera singers


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The word "lyrics" comes from the legendary "lyre" that accompanied the ancient chants of which Orpheus played so divinely, and that way, taming the terrible Cerberus guardian of the underworld to find his beloved Eurydice.

We remember all of those angelic voices, handled with such care by the greatest composers. Voices of ageless beauty: Callas, the incomparable Caruso, and more recently, Pavarotti and many others!

The opera is a complete style, combining music and the human voice, theatre and staging, tragedy or comedy, or even dancing, together in harmonious perfection.

Our singers will awaken in you intense emotions, while performing the most famous Arias from the great operas of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, you will carry away a whirlwind of feelings and impressions!


Services Information

Show : In concert or associated with a performance at an event
Repertoire :

Mozart, Massenet, Martini, Offenbach, Gershwin, Rogers and Hamerstein, Bernstein, Poulenc, Delibes

Duration :

60 mns, several set performances

Sound system : Please inquire whether a concert or a capella
Wardrobe :

Several possible choices