Spiritual music

What could be more magical than the music to celebrate this unbreakable bond that unites men across cultural differences?

A piano, a mezzo-soprano voice, flute, from the sounds of ageless instruments and more than ten languages (French, English, Persian, Bulgarian, Aramaic, Galician-Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Guarani, Spanish...) to pay tribute to beauty and harmony.

Two to six musicians to serve prestigious music intended to elevate the soul.

Here and elsewhere, yesterday or today, a repertoire of traditional music, classical music, gospel, ancient music, from sacred music of the middle ages to the present day; and of numerous compositions, performed in churches, temples, castles, the chapter halls, cloisters or theaters; or accompanying prestigious ceremonies and celebrations (weddings baptisms...)

Sublime moments of meditation while listening to contemplative pieces, listening happily festive chants and songs for an unforgettable evening, timeless.

"The deeper meaning of music and its essential purpose is to promote a communion, a union of man with his neighbor, and being" - Igor Stravinsky


Services Information

Show : Fixed, in concert or prestigious events, weddings celebrations, baptisms, etc...
Performers :

2 to 6 musicians

Instruments :

For the Duo: voice, transverse flute, small percussion instruments, piano, synthesizers. Additional instruments: guitars, cellos, bass, percussion, celtic harp, violin, cittern, mandolin and accordion

Requirement :

A grand piano

Repertoire :

Spiritual music of the middle ages to present day, sung in more than ten languages (traditional and original compositions)

Duration :

Concerts of 1½ hours in two parts with the possibility to adapt the duration depending on the needs

Sound system : Please inquire