jazz crooner

The crooner... hardly the word is uttered, and there you are, suddenly bewitched in its embrasse and charmed by its mysterious hold

Remembered with nostalgia the irresistible Frank Sinatra, his velvety voice, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, or Harry Connick and Danny Brillant!
These modern troubadours and their enchanting style can embellish and brighten up any meeting, any party, any soiree or event.

Our singers are accompanied by a pianist, an orchestra or a soundtrack of your choice. As you drift into a dream, you will feel yourself immersed in its glamorous glow .


Services Information

Show : Live orchestra or pre-recorded music
Repertoire :

Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet ...

Duration :

3 x 30 minute set performances

Sound system : Please inquire

Several possible choices