Dixie Land

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"Dixieland" originated in the Southern United States (New Orleans), which arose in the 20th century, it is considered the first "world music": an extraordinary mix of various kinds of musical influences, African drum, ragtime, French contredanse, military marches, Caribbean, Spanish music and European folk...

Who doesn't know those famous tunes: "Basin Street Blues" or "When the Saints Go Marching in"?

Our dixieland parades enhance the festive atmosphere at all your events, greatly adding to the fun and festivity: Guests receptions, promenades along the streets of your city... All this to the rhythm of these familiar tunes, played by musicians dressed in costumes of your choice.


Services Information

Show : Walk around and stationary performances
Instruments :

Trumpet, saxophone, trombone, washboard, banjo and sousaphone

Duration :

120 minutes spread out over 2 or 3 set performances

Sound system : Acoustic
Wardrobe :

Several choices possible