Gypsy jazz

Jazz manouche

Gypsy jazz or, "Swing Manouche" appeared in France in the 1930s and was a huge success thanks to its legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. It was he who created this personal style, based in deep traditions, original and full of energy, born from the cross between Gypsy music and American jazz.

Just listen to some of his most famous tunes and feel the magic: "Les yeux noirs", "Manor of my dreams", "Night and Day", "Finesse"...

Our bands, consisting of an acoustic guitar, a violin and a double bass (occasionally accompanied by an accordion), will fill out the evenings events with music that exalts the passions, of which the flame always burns bright.


Services Information

Show : Fixed sets
Instruments :

2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 violin

Repertoire :

"Les yeux noirs", "nuages", limehouse blues, and the great standards of jazz of the 1920s and 30s...

Duration :

3 x 45 minute sets

Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe :

White shirt, tie and black pants