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Our DJ's are entirely at your disposal for any quality event: some of them have scratché in Ibiza and other top spots!

Choose your favorite artists from an international catalog of music, our DJ will serve you the music style of your choice.

He will be able to overlay samples like a pro, expertly combine music with a cappella, skillfully use technological equipment and computers to completely remake a piece using techniques like "bootleg", "mashup" or "medley"...

Quality M.C., inventive programmer and experienced technician, he will direct your party room like a pro, maintaing a great experience while easily adapting to varied and changing audience tastes throughout the night.


Services Information

Show : 1, 2 or 3 presenters
Repertoire : Hits of yesterday and today
Duration : Up to 5 h of non-stop music or several set appearances
Sound and
lighting system :
Please inquire
Wardrobe :

Several possibilities