monde oriental

Several musical genres are available: Tunisian, Moroccan, Lebanese chaabi,.

Algerian, rai, khaligi, Egyptian, Iraqi...

Our different groups perform well known songs from Abdel Halim, Warda, or the famous Oum Kalthoum...

You would like an orchestra of "Ken" (Darbuka), one of the percussion instruments played the most frequently in the Arab-Muslim world? We can satisfy your wishes by introducing this magnificent instrument to your guests!


Services Information

Show : 3 to 6 musicians
Musicians : Lute, violin, keyboards, percussion, singer, singer
Repertoire : Chaabi algérien, chaabi marocain, musique égyptienne, andalous, raï, Alaoui, charqui, regada
Duration : 120 minutes to be divided in 1, 2 or 3 set performances
Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe : Eastern dress for women and for men djellabas and crèche