A parade of kites

A famous kite festival has been held every year in Japan for more than 4 centuries, it is called the Hamamatsu festival where more than 160 kites rise into the air to the sound of trumpets. Tibetan monks have always enjoyed making and flying kites in their monasteries. Kites have been part of ancient cultures and traditions dating back 3000 years.

Our kites (a hundred!), each measuring 5 meters in length, create an enchanting visual spectacle. Through the magic of form, color and movement your streets will be bursting with a festive atmosphere.


Services Information

Number of artists : 3 or 4
Descriptive :

Around 40 giant kites controlled by 3 artists. Some of the kite forms include: giant butterflies, eagles, dragonflies, Chinese dragons, ancient ships, and also, recycled objects themed to sustained development, and a string of 100 small parakeets, and more...

Dimensions : Up to 5 m wide
Duration :

3 (30) minutes demonstrations daily

Requirements : 2 hours set up time, a cleared space surrounded with metal barrier fences (10 m by 50 m), 1 tent with power supply
Sound system :

To be discussed