Street entertainements : cycling performances

A staple in street entertainment: cycling exhibitions

A breathtaking cycling show

Are you planning street entertainment that is both exciting and spectacular? Our cycling shows are a perfect choice for you! Our experienced riders perform roller blade and BMX demonstrations that will knock you off your feet. Whether on the ground or on a ramp, these athletes perform shows that leave everyone amazed. BMX workshops are for anyone who would like to tryout BMX free-styling for themselves.

Bicycle exhibitions for all ages

Thanks to the Reibaud company you can ride the waves of the ecological by trying out our parade (recycled) bikes. Who wouldn't be tempted to try out a three wheeled bike fitted out with a Kevlar hull? This comfortable and modern form of transportation will entertain the entire family on their walk through city streets. Whatever your objective, thanks to our experience and track record, we are in a position to fully satisfy all your expectations by bringing you the best in events entertainment.