BMX demonstrations


Thrill your audience with the daring and death defying stunts of BMX Bike demonstrations. Performing with fearless self abandon, these thrill seekers are true fanatics of the sport. Whether demonstrating air/ramp, flatland, or grinders, their incredible mid-air stunts will make your head spin.

Whether freestyle or comedy, the BMX bike show will dumbfound spectators, transforming your street into a sporting event with cheering crowds!

For even more thrills, try out a BMX bike with one of our experts by taking part in one of the introductory workshops.


Services information

Number of stunt bikers : Solo, duo, or trio doing freestyle, stunts or jumps
Duration :

Up to 10 minute afternoon stage shows or introductory workshops

Requirements : Show area, sound and lighting equipment, dressing rooms
Protective gear :

Helmet, full face mask, knee and elbow protectors, gloves, shin and leg guards...