Repurposed bicycles

Velo 1

Heres an excellent and entertaining way to get everyone out and participating in your next street event... Lets go cycling!

Invite everyone out to ride one of these cycling re-inventions.., a recumbent bicycle. Feel safe and dry while reclining comfortably on a three-wheeled, kevlar covered bike. Modern, comfortable and ecological, a means of transportation that everyone will want to try for themselves.

Be ahead of the curve, introduce your community to what's new and trending with this eco-friendly "bike of the future".

A trendy and ecological way to a fun event!


Services information

Number of bicycles :

Recumbent bicycles for adults and tricycles for small children

Duration :

From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Requirements : 1 bike path, barrier fences 40 m by 6 m (app)