Roller and inline skating demos



On city streets and public parks everywhere, the widespread practice of rollerskating has become a social and cultural phenomena, as well as a demanding sport requiring precision and great skill

Our roller and inline skating demonstrations are practiced by seasoned professionals. Whether they are executing figures on the ground or launching off a ramp, their amazing tricks will stun and delight audiences!


Services information

Number of skaters : Duo and trio
Duration :

10 minute routines of 3 skaters on the smallest skating track in the world: 1.90 m in diameter at 1 m from the ground

Featuring :

From Paris to Las Vegas, their shows have been produced in some of the most prestigious establishments in the world! Using a combination of precision, balance, performance and speed, this fifth generation show family and european champions, present one of the most stunning and original skating shows of its kind

Requirements : Show area (3 m x 3 m), sound and lighting equipment, dressing rooms