Street entertainments : Roving entertainments

You can count on Reibaud Communications for the best roving performers

Reibaud: Specialists for roving performers

Roving performance is a style of street performance that allows everyone to attend free shows. Reibaud specialized in this type of event and is today a leader in this field. No matter the age, everyone will fall under the charm of carefully selected street performers. The youngest will break out in laughter as our animated costumed characters perform for them.

A variety of roving performance styles

Among some of our many favorites, our mime artists who can create situational comedy into an avalanche of laughter. if you are looking for something slightly dramatic, our fire eaters and stilt walkers captivate audiences with incredible shows. And then there are graphic artists who fascinate onlookers with their art creations. Audiences always feel that they are participants, sharing together laughter, surprises and amazement.

Trains and carriage rides

thumb caleche train 1From miniature trains to horse-drawn and motorized carriages: caleche, chariots, wagons... your carriage awaits!

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Costumed characters and parades

thumb Peluches 1Live actors perform inside of cuddly animal characters. They can also perform on roller skates to the screams and squeals of children -- and adults -- everywhere...

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Fire eaters

thumb Feu 1Fire eaters but also, manipulators and jugglers of fire torches, batons, diabolos, cascading objects and fireworks...

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Graffiti artists

thumb Graffeur 1Demonstrations of graffitis being created. Original and interactive, from simple graffitis to ambitious wall size works...

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Stilt walkers

thumb Echassiers 1Stilt walkers dressed in giant costumes, in traditional styles, ethnic or fantastical for your street festivals...

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Comic mime follower

thumb Mime suiveur 1The comical mime is an excellent imitator who incites laughter by involving unsuspecting participants. A bit of crazy fun for your street event...

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Ecological parade

thumb parade_ecolo_1The ecological parade plays instruments that are entirely made from bits and pieces of materials found at the bottom of trash bins!

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Little Giant schoolboy

thumb echassier-rollo-6A giant kid dressed in a schoolboy outfit, shrinks then re-inflates before your very eyes...enormously funny!

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Giant African Ladies

thumb geante_africaine_13 to 4 giant african marionettes/stilt walkers, Roving entertainment throughout the streets with an accompanying car sound system playing rhythmic african music

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