Costumed characters and parades

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The giant costumed characters are a real treat in the eyes of children. Imagine a favorite beloved stuffed animal come to life before your very eyes! A talented actor literally inhabits the costume, bringing to life the character's personality.

These characters can also roller skate, making them even more comical and whimsical to watch. Although children will find them particularly amusing, parents easily join in on the fun! -- A very entertaining time together!


Services Information

Costumed characters : Cats, does, deers, cows, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, pigs, dogs, bears, dauphins, sharks, even vegetables...
Staff : 1 actor per costume
Duration :

3 to 4 sets daily (2 hour maximum)

Requirements : Dressing room or private area and parking area for loading and unloading