Little Giant schoolboy

A new attraction is coming that will surprise and dumbfound the children and adults. Simply look up and you will discover a 9 foot high kid.

This super-sized kid shrinks!... yes, that's right. Our Little Rollo performs comedy in crowded situations. He uses comedic bits and improvised skits to attract attention around him resulting in fun and tittering laughter. Offer this tall order of quirky fun to your guests and watch the enjoyment begin.

Thanks to his extra large size, whatever he does is necessarily big, and completely unexpected - like a child. He shrinks and "re-inflates" to his original size. He dances comedically and is incorrigibly funny, he even jumps rope...



Services Information

Performance : Walk around entertainment both indoors and outdoors, several different costumes
Duration :

4 x 30 minute sets scheduled throughout the day (scheduled times to be determined)

Requirements : Dressing room or private area and parking for unloading