Trains and carriage rides

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A mode of transportation from a bygone era whose charm never diminishes in the eyes of it's occupants: miniature trains, animal drawn carriages. Many countries have refurbished their old trains to carry passengers through picturesque landscapes, to the great pleasure of all those aboard!

Who could resist a leisurely stroll in a horse drawn carriage, all the while listening to the clacking of hooves over the stone pavement? Or, how about a ride on a colorful miniature train to take you back through childhood memories?

If it is not the destination but the trip that counts, then accept a ticket on a most unusual voyage, our horse drawn carriages and trains will transport you there!


Services Information

Train rental : Rent a train, whether for visiting a factory or your christmas market
Carriage and
horse rentals :
For the holidays, a 16 seat motorized carriage with driver, groom in period costume from the 1900s
Duration :

Daily or for a longer period

Requirements : Location for horses with a nearby water source