Street entertainement : Terroir events

Why rural festivities ?

Our common heritage, so rich and diversified, awaken in each one of us the same gratitude and profound joy. It is from the past that we draw our strengths today, and how we celebrate them!

Farm animals, traditional trades, folkloric games and dances, gastronomy, are all part of our traditions. So then, setting aside for a moment the present, lets rediscover together our rich past.

Organizing a celebration of our heritage

Reibaud Communication excels at organizing the many details that go into an unforgettable event. Also, your return to the past will happen effortlessly, but within the bounds of a perfectly organized event where no detail is neglected and where everyone feels to be taking part in every unforgettable moment.

Farm animals

thumb animaux-ferme-1An educational farm in the streets in an authentic country setting with activities and farm animals.

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Old professions

thumb vieux metier 1blacksmith, cobbler, harness maker, violin maker, barrel maker, wood turner, yarn spinner, basket maker, wood and glass sculptor...

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