Farm animals


Located in an authentic country setting, you will find a farm along with it's daily activities: Under the watchful eye of a Norman farmer, cow milking, donkeys, pigs, goats, and other animals... You will reconnect with the pleasures of a simple life... down on the farm.

The farm animals and the country life style will truly connect children and adults to the simpler joys of rural life. Popular!


Services Information

Animals :

Several animals of rare and miniature breeding: Miniature black sheep from Brittany, miniature Senegalese goats, angora goats from Kirghizistan, Goats "du Rove" Marseille region, pink piglets, a variety of chicken breeds, muscovy ducks, geese, miniature rabbits in all colors and breeds, guinea pigs, Shetland ponies

Transportation : With the highest respect for the decent treatment and respect of animals, and working only with services that are properly licensed, notably the CPTAV (certificate of aptitude for the transport of live animals)
of enclosures :
Either early morning the day of the event, or the day before
Break down : At the end of the day
Staff : 2
Duration : 4 hours
Requirements :

A space 10 m by 10 m surrounded by metal barrier fences and security staff if setup takes place the day before