Equitorial Africa

Afrique 1

Our African ballets are composed of at least 15 traditional dancers.
In authentic costumes, dancers are accompanied by "balafon" players, "Kora", "Chea", "Ikembe", flutes and percussion, which interpret tribal songs.

Griots are African storytellers and poets in the oral tradition. They content themselves singing about ancient legends, and bragging about their guests and their qualities!
Fire eaters, stilt walkers, acrobats, fakirs... They are all excellent and go completely crazy in their surprising performances. The marabout is the highlight of the show with his divinations, his magic powders and other talismans...

The love of life, vitality and agility of our artists will captivate you! The epic story that is Africa, with its diversity, its wealth and its traditions!


Services Information

Performance : Dancers and African dancers, percussionists, Kora player, the fortuneteller of Koris, marabouts, wild animals in exhibition (lion, Panther, Tiger...)
Performers : Between 6 and 15 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop entertainment
Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe : Traditional
Requirements : Performance area, Sound system, lighting equipment, dressing rooms