An original and unique themed party featuring an impressive Argentinian act called "bolas"!

A martial arts that comes to us from the distant past, is said to be practiced to this day by Shaolin monks. Bolas are throwing weapons consisting of strings attached to spheres. In Argentina, gauchos used them to ensnare the legs of animals on the Pampas.

"Bolas" or "poi" became a folk show in Argentina: Using both hands, the artists hold a string attached to a dagger and whirls it through the air, performing dozens of figures that evolve towards a spectacular finish.

Your guests can even try out this discipline for themselves!

Our tango and milonga dancers will thrill you as well! Feel the exhilaration at the sight of these sensual and rhythmic dancers in their impeccable outfits and filled with contagious vitality?

A concertina player accompanies the drama of the tango in typically argentinian fashion, completing a wonderful and unforgettable evening!


Services Information

Performances include : Couples dancing to the tango and milonga, bolas jugglers and drums, argentine musical instruction, concertina player
Performance : 6 to 20 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop performance and activities
Sound system : Please consult us
Wardrobe : Skirts open on sides with spiked high heels
Requirements : Performance space, sound system, lighting equipment, dressing room