American themed evenings

North or South America? Trust Reibaud to make it unforgettable

Feel like an authentic American themed event? Yes, we have the right one for you!

"America, America, you want it? then just take it!". With Reibaud Communication, treat yourself to an American party and make your event unforgettable! Rich and varied, our catalogue contains as much about North America as it does about South America. To the north, experience the american way of life, with such iconic periods as the sixties and the seventies.

The advantages of a South American themed evening

Our American parties are not merely confined to the northern half of America. Latin America indeed lends itself beautifully to an atmosphere that is festive and exotic! For an original and unique evenings event, discover the Argentinian bolas (a folkloric dance and spherical weapons act). And for a mas caliente atmosphere, our Brazilian evening invites you with open arms to enjoy: Batucada, Capoieiristes and the rhythmic sounds of bossa nova...