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The culture of the Middle Kingdom is very old indeed. With thousands of years of continuous history, China continues to exert a deep fascination in the imagination of the Western world.

To immerse you in that world, we offer a Chinese theme party or a "Chinese new year" with the ancestral dance of a shimmering dragon. The mythical dragon winds and unwinds to the sound of gongs, drums and cymbals, accompanied by various acrobatics

To complete the magic, our other offerings will enchant you: performances of Kung Fu by a specialist in Martial Arts, demonstration of calligraphy of Thai Chi Chuan, Chi Kong and Kung Fu, introduction to the art of Chi Kong, show featuring Chinese traditional tales...


Services Information

Performances : Chinese ribbon and umbrella dancers , musicians, Chinese singers, tea ceremony, calligraphers, Chinese makeup
Performers : Between 6 and 20 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop entertainment
Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe : Traditional
Requirements : Performance area, Sound system, lighting equipment, dressing rooms