Medieval 1

The middle ages, with its wealth and its rich cultural life remain impressive: Tales, legends, games, dances, sports, hunting and tournaments, beliefs in the supernatural where fairies and dragons are still real...

Our exceptional parties are in keeping with this illustrious time: dancers, troubadours, musicians playing the hurdy-gurdy or the viola da gamba, bears trainers, jugglers, acrobats, fire eating, bird of prey trainers, demonstrations of jousting and fighting, displays of equestrian prowess, introduction to medieval fencing, archery or knife throwing, costumes of your choice...

Let our artists take you back in time into the ancient world where magic was commonplace!


Services Information

Performances : Troubadours, jugglers, fire eaters, dancers, jugglers, medieval plays, quadrilles, hurdy-gurdies, bombarde
Performers : Between 6 and 10 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop entertainment
Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe : Medieval
Requirements : Performance area, Sound system, lighting equipment, dressing rooms