Russie 1

The Russian and Slavic Soul, with its romance, its nostalgia, its vastness and its irresistible vitality.

Our Russian parties will give you a heartfelt idea of it's people and their glorious past:

  • traditional Russian ballets dance the "Khorovod", the "Creek" in the Caucasus, evoking Kalmykia and Georgian rites of passage, the "Gopak", Ukrainian freestyle dance;
  • a Gypsy Orchestra, whose deeply moving music and rhythms stir the soul, play their instruments to the lyrical sound of the "Balalaïka", the "Matrioshka" the "Bayan", accompanied by the accordion, guitar, violin, percussion;
  • Vladimir Kornev, the famous Russian composer, performed by a Russian folk Orchestra;
  • a concert of virile Cossack voices, these warrior-like people who magnificently wield sabers and daggers in the air;
  • a dreamlike setting, with giant Russian dolls and brightly colorful costumes ;
  • finally, the unavoidable bear trainers and knife throwing by Boris at his partner, the charming living target!

In short, an intoxicating and uplifting evening that you won't soon forget!


Services Information

Performances : Russian Ballet, Russian dolls, Cossack dancers, Russian musicians, balalaika, violinists, gypsy dancers
Performers : Between 6 and 20 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop entertainment
Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe : Traditional
Requirements : Performance area, Sound system, lighting equipment, dressing rooms