Visual acts : Cabaret and close-up magic

A cabaret show for a successful evenings event

Specialists in cabaret shows

Looking for a quality cabaret show? The Reibaud Communication company offers all kinds of cabaret shows at extremely competitive rates. Enjoy our soap bubbles that immerse you in an ephemeral world and dreamy atmosphere. The bubble performer will mesmerize the room on various themes of air, water or planets.

Choose your cabaret show

Our team of artists also offers you a selection a more traditional cabaret shows. Rediscover the art of mime for an evening, or let our caricature artists sketch your portrait. Alternatively, you can choose an evening dedicated to our professional lookalikes who will fool everyone by their eerie resemblance to their idols. Do not hesitate to add some fun to your evening plans with Reibaud. Whatever your choice, we promise to respond to your request for a quote within 24 hours.