Close-up magicians

Very much in demand now, close up magicians are regularly seen entertaining at dinner or gala parties. Dining and magic is so entertaining, and go so well together!

Our close-up magicians have great stage presence, they are engaging, socially interactive and skilled: Going from table to table, they brilliantly orchestrate disappearances, appearances, manipulations, card tricks and more... They enjoy provoking reactions of disbelief using formidable skills, entertaining your guests with an engaging personality and making them laugh with great comedy.

A dinner show that will satisfy all your senses, but will leave you hungry for more...!

Services Information

The artist : Magic tricks, appearances and disappearances of objects even animals, card tricks, dancing handkerchiefs, levitation, prestidigitation, magical illusions, torn and restored paper, and more...
Duration : Up to a 2 hours of strolling amongst guests or, table to table with the option to perform on stage
Wardrobe : Several costume possibilities