Originally, the mime is a dance performance in which women have the right to participate, unlike the theatre. In Rome, it is a kind of tragedy danced with powerful gesturing!

But it is in our modern societies that it acquires world-wide recognition. Who hasn't ever admired the famous mime Marcel Marceau or the inimitable Jean-Louis Barrault in the masterpiece of French cinema, "Children of paradise"?

Our mimes will make you rediscover an art form that can express any feeling, situation or human character all while not saying a word! With their gestures, interpretive movements, the multiple expressions of their faces and bodies, accompanied by music, they will deeply move you while communicating to you the charm of the silent.


Services Information

Performance : 1 to 2 artists
Specialties : Mime followers, Mime statues, skits...
Duration :

33 x 30 minute sets

Wardrobe :

According to the theme