Snake charmers

Serpent 1

The Snake is among the oldest animals of our planet, dating back to prehistoric times by way of myths, legends, tales and traditions. The archetypal relationship between woman and snake date back to ancient civilizations, often goddesses were surrounded by them!

The snake charmer evokes past mysteries when animal and human cohabited together in mysterious hamony.

Initially a simple attraction for the curious, this unusual relationship to the snake became a show.

Our snake charmer's act is gripping: at the sound of haunting music, and dressed as goddesses, they wrap themselves with snakes - including pythons - up to 4 m in length, moving with them, playing with them, then finally, giving them the famous "Kiss of death"...

Emotion will run high!



Services Information

Performance : An approximately 20 minute show with 2 royal pythons at 120 cm long, or 1 at 220 cm long at your guests table
Duration :

An 8 minute set on stage, or a 20 minute walk around set with your guests

Sound system : Plan for a CD player

Requirements :

A dressing room and a show area equipped with sound and lighting
Wardrobe : East Asian or Indian maharaja