Soap bubbles

An unusually visual and poetic show : soap bubbles will give your dinners and cocktails an elusive and fragile charm.

One of these bubbles, the 'wall of soap', a true work of visual art, is on permanent display at the city of Sciences and industry de La Villette. Must see!

Our bubble performer will fascinate you with bubble shapes that will leave you speechless: Kangaroo, caterpillar, bubble squares and diamonds, Vesuvius erupting... Each bubble topping the last, bubbles evoking waves of water, shimmering air, ethereal transparency, planets, stars...

Allow yourself to be carried away by a show that suspends time and disbelief at your evening event!


Services Information

Artist : To succeed, the artist must be both magician, blower and sculptor of soap bubbles
Bubble shapes :

Kangaroo (a bubble in a bubble), multiplication (a bubble that is divided into 10 bubbles), Lotto (a 20 cm bubble inside a 20 bubbles turn as the balls inside a loto), Caterpillar (bubbles stuck together in the shape of a caterpillar), square bubble, Sputnik (12 assembled bubbles that fly like a spaceship), bubble diamond (or dodecahedron), Vesuvius (a bubble exploding like a volcano)