Improvisational performances

Improvisational performances

No to the predictable! Yes to a show that is completely surprising!

Surprise your audience with an improvisational performance

For your events and soirees, get everyone cheering with an evening of improvisation. A sure hit, your guests or audience will be bowled over, and for a long time to come. Specialists in the organisation of shows and events, Reibaud Communication offers you today a fine choice of visual acts and activities that are unrivaled. For originality and audience participation, you cant go wrong with choosing an improvisational act.

An improvisational performance... What a surprise!

Created by professional improv actors, our improvisational performances range from fake paparazzi, bumbling waiters, and even a fake movie crew filming a fake movie. These performances evoke a number of themes, including humor, magical encounters and cinematographic lyricism... That's all folks!