Contemporary dance

A show that combine circus, theatre, and dance is a show that defies gravity. The chemistry and fusion between the dancers moving on (and above) the stage, serves the choreography in making it more efficient and emotionally moving. From the first minutes, we feel ourselves taking flight. We talk about complicity, chemistry, and a fusion between the dancers, because it's true, these light and aerial beings seem to float above the stage, dancing as one in a choreography that is emotionally rich. A celestial ambience of purity and lightness will make you love the dance.

One specificity of the show is the use of video to create a permanent interaction between real and virtual: a ballet of aerial leaps suspended in air... dancers on the tips of their toes... mini dancers...

Exquisitely natural, the dancers seduce their audience with an easy grace. And if they split the air, so effortlessly, it is to rise up above life while everyone looks on with the joyous eyes of a child.


Services Information

Performance : 3 artists
Presentation :

Contemporary aerial dance

Duration :

60 minutes

Sound system : Please inquire

Technical requirements :

Available on demand