Ballroom dancing and gymnastics

The reputation of the famous dance school Barbieri is world renowned, they invented the famous "show dance", and have produced some of the best competitive ballroom dancers in the world.

Our ballroom dance shows will leave you breathless. Dressed in ravishing costumes, our professional dancers, dance in pairs and in groups to music from around the world: Jazz, rock, flamenco, rumba, tango, charleston...

These performances will evoke in you the rich customs and traditions of dance from around the world, a show that you will experience with breathless excitement.


Services Information

Performances : 2 couples minimum
Dances : First 20 minute set: A medley of dance standards: Slow waltz / Tango / Viennese waltz / Fox Trot / Quick-Step
2nd 20 minute set: A medley of latin dance: Samba / Cha-cha / Rumba / Paso Doble / Jive
3rd 20 minute set: Final 2 dance routines and a show
Duration :

3 demonstrations including inviting the audience to participate

Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe :

Competitive dance-wear