Double Dutch (Rope skipping)

You may have seen the music video 'Rise up' by Yves Larock... In that case, you already have an idea of what is the "double dutch", a practice still unknown yet surprising, inspired by "hip hop", Double Dutch combines "street dance" and rope skipping!

Acrobats who are also dancers move deftly between ropes: for them, the jump rope from our childhood becomes the basic element of an authentic dance show.

Between two turning ropes, they jump right in performing incredible tricks with dexterity, fearlessness and talent.

We also offer an introduction to this original art. So, jump right in as our artists share with you an incredibly fun filled time


Services Information

Performance : 4 artists
Demonstration :

Rope skipping with its rules and championships.

Rediscover rope skipping with a hip hop twist!

Duration :

1 to 3 x 10 minute sets with audience participation

Sound system : Please inquire

Requirements :

Show area 6 m by 5 m (minimum)
Wardrobe :

Competitive sportswear