Yamakasi 1

The Yamakasi is a strong individual both physically and mentally. The famous David Belle is a striking example, he "displaces" with stunning agility within urban and natural environments. Agile, tough, solid, a master of body and mind, he overcomes all obstacles by becoming one with the environment.

The Yamakasi soars like a bird above empty spaces, past one building to another, climbing and climbing, clinging to a wall, then drops, jumps, surmounting all obstacles in defiance of the laws of physics!

A stunning spectacle of street performance!


Services Information

Performance : From 2 to 5 artists
Demonstration : Young athletes from the suburbs created this spectacular discipline: the art of displacement. They brave all dangers, climb buildings, perform dizzying leaps from incredible heights
Duration :

1 to 3 x 10 minute sets

Sound system : Please inquire

Requirements :

Show area
Wardrobe :

Urban wear