Visual acts : Strange visual shows

Enter the world of the paranormal for a night of strange happenings

A strange show that will leave everyone dumbfounded

You're organizing a party and looking for an original show? The Reibaud company uses all it's experience in providing you a strange show that will surprise your guests.

Our fortune teller will exercise his incredible talents for your guests, all the theatrical details are there: Gypsy costume, trailer, and the rest... Discover your future in his cards and his crystal ball!

A popular stage show: the Mentalist

Our mentalists explore the farthest reaches of your mind and enter a paranormal and fascinating universe without your knowledge. Their talent explores fields of telepathy, telekinesis and the transmission of thoughts. You'll be amazed by these professionals gifted with incredible faculties. Does this theme appeal to you and do you want to know more?, then send us without delay, a request for an online quote.

Grand illusions

thumb Grandes illusions 1The magic was already being practised in prehistoric times!

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thumb Voyance 1Tarot, Cartomancy, Crystal ball, white magic, palm reading, hindu or chinese astrology, numerology, runes, Graphology...

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Discover the mysteries of Mentalism...

thumb mentalisme-1Paranormal, telepathy, hypnosis, revelations, telekinesis, mnemonic, metamorphosis of objects, transmission of thoughts...

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