Discover the mysteries of Mentalism...

You've probably heard of the famous American TV series The Mentalist...

Thanks to Reibaud Communication, meet a real life mentalist who has also appeared on numerous television shows!

Our mentalist show will make you enter the world of the irrational and the paranormal while remaining completely unaware! Telepathy, telekinesis, mnemonic, hypnosis, revelations, metamorphosis of objects, transmission of thoughts -- Mentalism is an art that demands considerable effort.

Allow yourself to be in awe by this strange universe mixing mentalism and magic ... a jaw dropping experience!


Services Information

Performance : 1 artist
Demonstration : Close up or one man show on stage
Duration :

From 1 to 3 x 10 minute sets stage shows with audience participation

Sound system : Please inquire

Requirements :

A stage area with a minimum size 3 m²
Wardrobe :

Various style stage costumes