Grand illusions

Grandes illusions 1

Then it became over time a set of techniques that jugglers of the middle ages perfected: sword swallowers, fire eaters were part of the daily show in public places.

Their repertoire expanded and gave birth to sleight of hand and famous contemporary magician. Conjurer means 'man with the fingers', which evokes all the big names of magic and illusion: David Copperfield, David Blaine, Billis, Paul Daniels...

Our magicians and illusionists will pull the wool over your eyes: appearance of objects, animals or people, woman cut into two, trunk of the Indies, levitation, suspensions...

You will be dazzled by their talent and their mind-boggling illusions!


Services Information

Performance : 1 artist and his partner
Demonstration :

Fire magic, appearance, transformation, impaled woman, levitation of a audience member

Duration : Up to a 60 minute stage show with audience participation
Sound system : Inquire with us
Requirements : A stage at least 6 m by 5 m with curtains opening in the middle
Wardrobe : Several stage costumes