Visual acts : Visual zen acts

Reibaud Communication, the art and the know how to organize a Zen event

Thinking about a zen themed event...

Event communication agency, Reibaud Communication invites you to (re) discover the concept of zen through a host of visual programs where zen activities are practiced with respect for the culture and with artistic passion. For a magical zen event, discover the ritual of the tea ceremony, or indulge in an amma massage provided by one of our physiotherapists.

...or, personal zen activities?

Often, zen is the harmony of body and mind. Chinese Chan or Japanese zen (both derived from Mahayana Buddhism), zen is linked to an intense form of meditation, or "inner illumination", practiced for attaining enlightenment. More broadly, zen is an invitation to experience inner calm, which is at the heart of many artistic practices. Zen Arts include, origami and calligraphy workshops or demonstrations, two of the main zen activities.


thumb caligraphie-1Your first name in calligraphy with several scripts to choose from...

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Chinese shadow puppet theater

thumb Ombre chinoise 1Our specialists of Chinese shadow puppets reproduce animals, celebrities and singers on a portable screen going table to table!

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Tea ceremony

thumb Ceremonie th 1The Japanese "Chanoyu" tea ceremony and Chinese tea ceremony "Gong fu cha".

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thumb Origami 1Origami, a traditional Japanese art which consists in folding paper into the forms of animals or flowers...

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