Origami 1

Origami has become nowadays a technique sought after and in fashion. In Japanese, "Origami" means, quite simply "folding paper".

However, between folding a paper airplane, this childish past time that we all know, and practicing origami, there is a big world of difference! To create this authentic art, one must master a complex technique! The art of folding paper that springs into life in the shapes of people, animals, and plants, is a beautiful art indeed!

Our outstanding artists "origamists" will show you how to fold, unfold, fold again, until the figure emerges from their dexterous fingers... truly enchanting!


Services Information

Performance : 1 or 2 walk around artists
Description :

Origami is a traditional japanese art consisting in folding paper into animal and flower shapes

Duration :

120 minutes devided into several sets

Requirements :

40 origami figures an hour per artist
Wardrobe :

Chinese costume