Tea ceremony

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A huge tradition in Japan that has been exported around the world, it is part of Zen practices, including painting, flower arranging and archery.

Green tea powder, called "matcha", was introduced to Japan in the 12th century by a Chinese monk. Since then, this famous tea is said to contain virtuous properties, stimulating the intellectual, spiritual, and used as a medicinal beverage. The book, Sado-saijiki or "Chado" meaning the "way of tea" deals with the spirit and the essence of the tea ceremony.

This ceremony is often hosted by "Geishas" female companions who perpetuate the traditions in the pavilions and gardens of another era, where every move is codified and has deep meaning.

Elegant, sober, source of meditation... Participate in this ancestral tradition and let yourself be led into a graceful world robed in a unknown and sumptuous past.


Services Information

Performance : 1 tea ceremony specialist
Description :

A sampling of different teas

Duration :

An entire evening

Wardrobe :

Mandarin costume