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Looking for a way to occupy a group of children while providing a fun and exciting animation? The show for youth offered by the Reibaud company is for you. Building on our diverse and varied entertainment, we are able to meet all your expectations. For example, you can opt for the classic puppet show and its famous Guignol and Punchinello. Our talented puppeteer will interprets all the characters, standing or behind the theatre.

Puppet shows, Christmas parties, children's fairy tales,... you choose!

Our artists can create musicals combining song, dance and storytelling that will delight children. Offer the youngest an unforgettable evening of pure enjoyment, by enthralling the youngest ones with stories of old thanks to the extraordinary talents of our storyteller. Or organize a Christmas party with Santa Clause, clowns, magic and illusion: Offer them a magical evening which will remain engraved in their memory!


thumb comedie-musicale-1 Multi talented actors singing and acting favorite show tunes...

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Guignol and Punchinello

thumb marionnettes 1A standing Castle theatre, Traditional marionettes, Guignol learns to speak Creole, Punchinello returns from the islands, Guignol celebrated music and others...

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Stories for children

thumb contes 1Puppets, storytellers, original children's stories: Boubam and TamTam, the scarecrow made of straw, the little tree, tree red, small Indian, Leila, Patapoum...

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