Stories for children

Tales that remind us of those late evenings spent by the fireplace, listening to stories and legends late into the night!

Stories filled with heroes, their daring adventures, victories and chance meetings with mythical
creatures, supernatural beings, and of course, the princess of their dreams.

Our storytellers will beguile you with stories that will lead you by the hand into amazing worlds: Fairytales old and new, Perrault, Anderson, and even original stories told accompanied with music, song, costumes, and scenery.

Classical tales from another time brought to life in a magical show!


Services information

Tales like : Pirates, Merlin the magician, Robin Hood, Fairytales and legends
Performers : 1 to 2 storytellers
Duration :

Approximately 15 to 30 minutes with the participation of children

Requirements :

Performance area with sound and light and sound technicians, as well as a dressing room