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Creative workshops for children

The realization of a creative workshop for children is not something to take lightly. These are the most impressionable and magical moments of their young lives. For a successful event, call upon the expertise of Reibaud Communication. Through its network of qualified providers, Reibaud Communication operates throughout France and the world. Whether a small community or a large enterprise, we have an offer that fits everyone's needs and budget.

Also discover, circus workshops for children, face-painting, etc.

To help you organize youth programs for the year, our team will develop a large variety of fun activities: circus workshops, face-painting classes, etc. In addition to the selection of artists/teachers, Reibaud Communication handles the administrative management costs, logistics and monitoring of each workshop for children.

Creative workshops

thumb maquillage 3Christmas ornaments, easter eggs, air-themed crafts, cardboard troika, pine trees, indian headdresses, polystyrene airplanes...

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