Creative workshops


Creative, interactive, and educational workshops for children and young people: kite construction, makeup, circus arts, magic, songs...

Age appropriate workshops for children that stimulate wonder and creativity.


  • Introduction to the circus arts by talented artists: balancing, juggling, unicycling, mini stilts, Rolla Bolla, Hula Hoop, plates, scarves, contortions... As if you were on stage!
  • Magic and special effects: speaking to an audience, stage direction, practicing with real magic apparatus... you can be Harry Potter!
  • Those rhyming children's songs that continue to amaze us all !
  • The art of making a kite, then sail it off into the sky. Wow!
  • Makeup that transforms you in the wink of an eye into a Butterfly, tiger or leopard! wildly charming!


Services information

Workshops include : How to turn discarded items into useful and creative objects, making a hat, a kite, or a styrofoam airplane, decorate an egg for Easter, a troika or a cardboard Christmas tree, sculpture wood or glass, build a trellis for a garden, an Indian headdress...
Includes : 1 to 2 instructors for each workshop
Duration : 2 to 4 hours of non stop activities
Dress : depending on the theme
Requirements : For an outdoor event, a 3 M X 3 M tent (closed on 3 sides), unloading parking area close to the location





Objets décoratifs de Noël, Œufs de Pâques, sur le thème de l’air