Spice up your team building activities program!

Unifying activities inspiring team building!

Often, team building activities lack originality and struggles to really draw the attention of participants... If you are the organizer of a team-building seminar, don't wait any longer, discover for yourself our exciting offer.

With Reibaud Communication, event specialist, you can offer your groups really stimulating and fun activities. All, in an artistic atmosphere!

Wood percussion to communicate and play together

The flagship activity of our incentive catalogue, our giant battucada adapted to team building is aimed at teams that can go up to 200 participants. This haunting performance is led by a 'guide', a professional of wood percussion instruments, who will inspire and energize all the participants.

You will be stimulated by laughter and emotions while gaining a sense of confidence in yourself and others. You will develop a sense of listening and the desire to succeed will be strengthened within your groups.
In immersing participants in a new universe, away from daily hierarchical structures, this program "breaks the ice" stimulating communication between the various actors of the company through the beat of the drums.

A company is composed of talented individuals that too often have difficulty to enter in synergy with one another. The workshop is an opportunity to literally develop a sense of listening and sharing in order to succeed in a joint project.

An enjoyable experience, team building percussion is a fun and mesmerizing activity which eliminates stress, and therefore, ideal for "letting go", it will leave a lasting impression on all the participants.

Team building percussion allows participants to meet, to get to know each other and to boost group cohesion; Develop confidence in themselves and in each other; Channel energies and strengthen a sense of listening. Pursue a goal while sharing a great time together.

Service information

Participants : From 20 to 300 people
Duration :

60 to 90 minutes

Sound system
and instruments :
Included in the service

Technical requirements:

On request